Recycled Plastics

Who are we?

Established in 1990 Recycled Plastics was developed as a service for UKAP customers to enable them to send their scrap PVC back into the extrusion process which created a closed loop for UKAP products.

In 2006 Amari Plastics PLC acquired us as their dedicated recycler so we expanded on the materials we recycle to accommodate the requirements of Amari and their customers.

Being owned by Amari Plastics PLC means we receive quality offcuts from the Amari branches which guarantee us zero contamination when the product is recycled.

We only handled PVC and HIPS in 1990 but today we recycle over 16 different plastics so we can cater for most recycling requirements.

We know the plastics industry intimately and have built our business on the service we give to our suppliers.

We are one of the few plastic recyclers in the UK that can recycle PVC foamboard and through our partners Recplas Ltd we have developed a sustainable solution for this material where it is exported to be formed into water pipes which are then sold here in the UK.

Welcome to Recycled Plastics

Based in Essex, servicing the UK through our network of Amari branches, we are here to help you find a solution to your plastic recycling needs.